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We Offer the Complete Package for Businesses and Individuals

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Accounting & Tax – “The Basics”

  • Compilation and Review Statements

These are formal financial statements with full company disclosures reporting all of your financial results. Whether it’s a requirement for a bonding company, a bank, or the Board of Directors, these statements will give you the complete financial story of your organization.

  • Personal Financial Statements for Wealth Management

These statements are primarily used in the personal financial planning arena and are important to those who wish to know what their financial net worth is, the details of the assets that they own as well as the debts that they owe. Before any professional planning can be done for an individual, these statements are crucial to pinpoint every aspect of an individual�s net worth. Whether you need bank financing, estate planning, or investment planning and management, we can provide the tools to help you make the right decisions.

  • Complete Tax Preparation

We feel we provide the most accurate and well managed tax preparation and advisory services in the business today. Our expertise can ensure that these forms are prepared in accordance with a previously well thought-out plan, as well as providing all required schedules and forms to go along with each filing requirement. Below is a brief listing of tax forms including their form numbers:


Payroll Tax Forms
Sales and Use
Personal Property Tax
Individuals (1040)
Corporations (1120)
S-Corporations (1120S)

Partnerships and LLC’s
Estates and Trusts Income
Gift Tax

  • Tax Planning and Advisory Services

The crucial part of tax minimization and future tax planning occurs before the tax return is done. We offer ongoing communications with our clients on either a quarterly or bi-annual basis to ensure that proper planning is accomplished and no surprises exist prior to tax deadlines. We also provide full overlap of individual, corporate, estate and gift tax planning to ensure that not only companies are taken care of but also individuals and their estates. We can also assist companies in the latest in tax reduction services called “asset management services.” Whether for companies or individuals, we can ensure that personal property taxes are minimized and only paid on items that truly apply. Of course we can also assist you in the personal property tax audits which have become so prevalent recently in most municipalities.

  • Bookkeeping and Write-Up Services

Whether you are using a manual or computerized system, we take your information and combine it with our accounting expertise to provide you with an easy to understand monthly or quarterly business results program. This means you get your business results on a timely basis and allows you to sharpen your business planning based on real results as opposed to estimates. Many of our business clients have used this service with great results and have eliminated most year-end surprises while enhancing their planning capabilities.

  • QuickBooks Start-up and On-site Training

We are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, and as such, can offer you any assistance you need with QuickBooks, whether you are a new user, or an experienced one. We can help with setting up your company file correctly, which can avoid problems down the road. We can also help you find answers to more complicated problems and situations which can arise as you grow and expand your knowledge of QuickBooks.

Business & Personal Consulting – “Analysis and Follow Up”
  • Business Plans/Forecasts/Profitability Analysis

For start-up as well as existing businesses utilizing one, three, or five year plans with follow-up systems comparing actual results. This lends itself to better profitability analysis and allows businesses to function according to an established plan as opposed to things happening by accident. Budgets and forecasts can be used not only for internal business situations but also for external financing, buy/sell situations which require forecasts and payback calculations, as well as in start-up businesses where accurate budgets and forecasts are crucial in the first year of a new business.

  • Overhead Analysis

An important area for all businesses, overhead analysis and control can be the difference between profit and loss, and can significantly affect your gross profit percentage. A lower gross profit percentage will increase your break-even points. Our office will analyze not only your fixed overhead but also the variable portion of overhead especially in manufacturing and construction arenas. Overhead analysis greatly influences the results of your product or service cost system as well as your ability to price your service or products profitably.

  • Cost Reduction Programs

Usually go hand-in-hand with overhead analysis to lower overall costs and identify problem areas. This can be done on a product by product basis or an overall company basis. Identification of cost problem areas and controlling future cost outlays is crucial in any re-organization or restructuring plan as well. The entire circle of events from problem identification to cost reduction will produce better future results in any restructuring plan.

  • Debt Management

Is important in any organization. Interest expense and other debt service costs can eat away at your bottom line. Use of credit cards, high interest credit lines and short-term financing are only quick fixes and should be streamlined as soon as possible to utilize long-term rates and payment plans to enhance cash flow. Remember, while gross profit percentages and operating profits may be excellent, you still may not have cash flow due to debt service requirements. This can leave your business without the ability to re-invest its profits back into the company and forever hold your business hostage to the financing industry. Turn those credit cards and lines of credit into long-term debt as soon as possible!

  • Business Management

Our expertise allows us to assist companies in reviewing their internal reporting and paper flow systems which sometimes falter either because of age, technology, or employee turnover. This analysis gives rise to redevelopment of new systems that could simplify reporting in your company and allow management to receive better information on a more timely basis. Whether you are a small construction company, a medium size manufacturing company or a small service/merchandising business, our expertise can enhance the reporting systems and the response time to business problems, subsequently increasing profits and reduce costs. Early, timely information eliminates emergency management and brings to light problem situations much sooner.

  • Estate, Gift and Trust Assistance and Consultation

We not only supply the required tax work in this area but also the preliminary assistance with planning for estate and gifting situations. Utilizing many of the more popular planning tools we can accomplish the goal of minimizing estate and gift taxes. This can include planning recommendations such as gifting programs to minimize an estate prior to long-term care needs.

  • Personal Consulting

In all areas including debt management and control, effects of investment moves, capital gains issues, wealth management assistance, college planning and other family issues that effect your assets. Personal budgets can by crucial to future wealth management and control of cash flow. We can provide budget assistance tailored to your specific situation.

Specialty Services – “The Extras”

  • New Company Start-Ups (A Planned Direction)
  • Re-organizations, Restructuring (From the ground up)
  • Buy-outs, Shareholder Issues
  • Business Sales and Acquisition Assistance/Due Diligence Work
  • Wealth Management Assistance and Consultation (Your Future)
  • Divorce Assistance and Litigation Support (Supplementing Legal Services)
  • Specialized Audit Assistance (IRS, DRS, Property Tax, etc.)
  • Business Contract Analysis & Recommendations
  • 1031 Exchange Assistance and Consulting


  • Manufacturing and Construction Accounting

Due to our extensive experience in the manufacturing and construction arenas, we pride ourselves on the ability to assist companies in these industries in crucial areas that are the backbone to their ability to build profits. Contrary to the standard retail, service and wholesale businesses these industries carry a greater need for intensified analytical tools.

Our specialized financial statements for manufacturers and construction companies spearhead and highlight the crucial areas of reporting for these types of companies. Whether it is construction work in process statements for variance analysis or manufacturing overhead statements for standard cost development and overhead reduction, we can provide the necessary information from the ground up. We can analyze your systems and redevelop and construct new systems allowing your company to analyze critical data on a more regular basis and enhance your pricing/profit capabilities. More specifically we can provide the following:

  • Cost System Analysis and Standard Costs Development or Enhancement
  • Overhead Analysis and Cost Reduction Programs
  • Gross Margin Analysis
  • Internal Control and Manufacturing/Construction Reporting Systems Reviews
  • Specialized Financial Statements
  • Product Line Profitability
  • Inventory Costing Assistance and Control


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